NC6000A/8000A Series AWGN Noise Generator


Option number Description
NC6/NC8opt01 100 dB attenuator in 10 dB steps*
NC6/NC8opt02 110 dB attenuator in 1 dB steps (two attenuators)**
NC6/NC8opt03 Line power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
NC6/NC8opt04 Combiner for input signal
(6dB loss in noise and signal paths)
NC6opt06 19 in. Rack mount (NC6000 only)
17 in. wide by 3.5 in. high by 13 in. deep
NC6/NC8opt07 N female output connector
NC6/NC8opt08 BNC female output connector
NC6/NC8opt09 75-ohm output impedance (6 dB loss)
NC6/NC8opt10 Additional 1 dB attenuator in 0.1 dB steps***
NC6/NC8opt11 Custom frequency, power,
or flatness requirement****

* 60 dB for NC6124A, NC6218A, and NC6226A
** 69 dB for NC6124A, NC6218A, and NC6226A
*** N/A for NC6124, NC6218, NC6226, and NC6126
**** Consult factory for pricing and availability